Time saving handhygiene solutions for professionals on the move

Safe hands

Always have clean hands when eating.

Stay healthy

Reduce the number of sick days.

Stay clean

Keep your car, tools, and clothes cleaner.

Save time

Sanitation is always right at hand.

A picture of a portable mobile handsink unit from ShulderSink
Hose. Enough water for around 15 to 20 hand washes. Lower the flexible hose with your arm to avoid cross-contamination.
2 bottles for soap, hand cleaner, or hand rub. Fill the bottles with your favorite or try our ShoulderSink products.
120 meter of paper for drying your hands. Paper is better than towels as 30 percent of dirt is removed here.
Bin for used paper.
The ShoulderSink can be carried in one hand or mounted safely inside of your car.
Use the shoulder strap to carry the ShoulderSink wherever you need it.

Why use ShoulderSink?

Water and soap have always been the best way to clean your hands. WHO, CDC, and many other health organizations recommend water and soap as the best solution for dirty hands. Handrub or ethanol are best used on clean hands.

ShoulderSink is the only solution where you have everything in one. It is compact, it is easy and convenient to use – and it is easy to bring along to where it is needed.

How ShoulderSink works

Handwashing is an easy, inexpensive, and effective way to keep employees healthy and to prevent the spread of germs. With a ShoulderSink, people can take an active part in their well-being as all the wanted remedies are right at hand.

Do you need a ShoulderSink for yourself or your business?

Why soap and water?

Your hands are your interface to the physical world. Everything you touch, everything you need to move, everyone you need to touch. You may think you know ‘where your hand has been’… But just imagine that on average you touch your face 2-3.000 times per day. What else have you been touching without noticing?

Using wet wipes or sanitizer on dirty hands will simply smear the dirt around. Using soap and water is the best way to clean dirty hands before disinfecting. WHO also recommends water and soap for dirty hands – here you can see their recommendations for effectively washing hands.

Better hygiene means fewer sick days

20% of common colds and more than 30% of common diarrhea-related sicknesses can be avoided simply by washing hands. These diseases cost companies and society billions of Euro every year.

The personal costs can be even direr, loss of life quality, disease, and for elderly or weak individuals even death. By maintaining great hand hygiene you can spare yourself and the ones around you from unnecessary risk.

Keeping your car, tools, and clothes clean will make you look more adept, making your customers happier and your skin healthier. The best thing about it? These are just a few of the positive effects of proper hand hygiene!

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