The compact handhygiene station

With ShoulderSink in the car you get the best solution on the market; It is super compact, giving you more space for tools and materials  – and at the same time you have a complete handhygiene solution with both water, soap, paper, garbage bin and even a handrub.

And you get to save money too!

This is ShoulderSink:

Safe hands

Using water and soap, you clean your hands with out leaving chemicals on your skin. Wet wipes will always leave a small amount of cleansing agent on your skin.

Stay healthy

With clean hands you avoid chemical and irritants, bacteria and viral infections. 30% of viral infections can be avoid with proper handhygiene = better quality of life and fewer sick days

Turn on the water with your arm to avoid smearing oil on the tap. No cross contamination with bacteria and vira.
Water for 20 handwashes, runs for more than 6 minutes – much more than most cannisters
Choose two of our 3 products – Cream Soap to remove dirt, Hand Cleaner for oily fingers or use the Handrub after washing to kill of Vira and Bacteria. Or refill with your own favourite.
110 meter paper for wiping your hands. Using paper ensure that the last 30% dirt and bacteria are rubbed off and not passed via a towel.
Leave the used paper in the bin.
Use the ShoulderStrap when you need to use the ShoulderSink away from the car.

Save time

ShoulderSink are always ready to use, lower the hose with your arm, and your hands are clean in just 30 seconds. No more looking for sanitation – its right here!

Stay clean

With clean hands, your tools, car and clothes will also stay clean for much longer.

And with Water, Paper, Dispensers and Bin in a compact unit, there will be much more room for the essential things in your van.

Who will benefit from a ShoulderSink?

Everyone on the move, with 2 hands can use a ShoulderSink. Here are a little selection of the industries where ShoulderSink are used:

Construction workers

On the road, on crowded construction sites, on infrastructure projects sanitation and running water is not always easily accessible.


Hand hygiene is a must in between visit, after a seeing horse in the field or before lunch.

Soap, water, paper and disinfectant is the gold standard for handhygiene.


Dust, dirt, oil, manure and chemicals. Few trades are more diverse or dirty. With a ShoulderSink on the vehicle, lunch can be eaten in the fields.


Working away from sanitation and civilization, ShoulderSink offers handhygiene for the whole team.

Water enough for 20 hand washes!


Clean hands before eating outside, avoid 40 sets of boots marching to the bathroom – use ShoulderSink by the fireside or bring it on the excursion


A full sanitation solution on smaller or older vehicles – or a portable option to use for use outside of the ‘danger zone’.


Clean hands after a dirty job – and before you meet the next client. Electricians, technicians, plumbers, chimney sweepers, floor layers etc.

Pest controllers

Hand hygiene is a critical issue when both bacteria, vira and normal dust and dirt is all around

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